Beautify Me

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Bet You Want It

I bet you want it--as much as everyone else.
To actually see how you look like sans the eyebags, the pimples, warts, crow's feet, the dark spots and all the imperfections that stress, hardwork, financial instability; even heart break did to our faces.

Look no more.

Here is the blogsite that will do just that for you. With the help of my good friend who is an amateur photoshop enthusiast, we will show the different YOU! The more beautiful, almost perfect self that you have been dreaming off!

A disclaimer.

We cannot promise to make you look like a star ok? We will try hard to improve your looks, but please, we can only enhance what you already have, If you look like a classic profile of a beauty queen but is unfortunately peppered with zits, that's not a problem!

But if you naturally look like a cross-breed of Mr. T and a kangaroo, then that is a different story.

If you have a photo of yourself, or someone you would like to have their face mutilated--I mean, digitally enhanced, then send them at my email at and we'll see what we can do.

The photos should be atleast:
  • Taken from a digital camera or camera phone with atleast 2 megapixels capacity.
  • Only you in the photo and no one in the background please.
  • Clear portraits please.
  • No group photos.